Visiting Marzamemi (Sicily) – My favorite things

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Introducing Marzamemi

The first thing you’ll notice about Marzamemi is how stunning the simplest things can be. This place is breathtaking, and that’s because of its beautiful sea, its landscapes, its position, its lands… everything but the new buildings people have placed for their own amusement or trying to modernize (no offense… they made a complete mess of this place).

Lucky us, there’s still so much beauty around here you don’t have to look for it. Just take a walk and look arount you…

marzamemi piazza balata ristoranti bellezza sicilia siracusa pachino

Balata marzamemi sicilia siracusa pachino cosa vedere

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marzamemi luna mare sicilia siracusa foto visitare racconti guida

visitare marzamemi sicilia siracusa italia

marzamemi dove mangiare cosa vedere mare natura pomodoro pachino tonno

sunset in marzamemi sicily italia

sunset in marzamemi sicily italy

sunset in marzamemi sicily italia

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visitare marzamemi

Tonnara marzamemi guida cosa visitare mangiare cibo divertimento vacanze mareTonnara Marzamemi Sicilia Pachino Siracusa foto travel viaggi

My favorite places (& things to do)

Besides going for a walk, here is what I like to do (and where I like to do so) when I’m here.


This place is teeming with restaurants (specialty: catch of the day – this is a fishermen’s village – and tomatoes in every possible way – since, you know, here grows the worldwide famous Pachino Tomato). Most of them are meant for tourists (so really expensive) tho. I’d like to test ‘em one by one and write a review for you but I definitely can’t afford to do so, so I’ll just suggest you to use trip advisor 🙂

1. Campisi Conserve

What I really like to do is buying preserves and food preparations at Campisi Conserve, and then cooking my own meals using their treats. My favorites are: bottarga di tonno (tunafish eggs), pomodoro semisecco (semi-dried tomatoes), uova di pesce spada (swordfish eggs). They also own a restaurant, so you can taste their treats before you buy.

2. Il tuo gelato 2

As for the sweetness, I love stopping by Il tuo Gelato 2. Cakes, icecream, sicilian desserts, granita… you can basically use any of their products to tickle your palate and feel like you were in heaven. My favorites: 7 veli pistacchio e ricotta icecream and cremolata di gelsi (mullberry slush).


If you wanna have fun, the best thing you can do is coming here by boat! Anyway, since not everyone can arrange that kind of trip (I can’t!), here are some other ways to have fun while you’re in Marzamemi:

1. CNVS Marzamemi (Go Sail!)

Actually, this is the reason why I’m here. My boyfriend Luca teaches people (kids, mainly, but adults as well) how to sail, so we have to spend our summer in here. Well, sailing is something I highly suggest to everyone: you don’t need to know what you’re doing, there are many entry-level courses (or just excursions) you can choose (and, more important, you can afford!). So once you’re here, just look for CNVS (website and info here) and ask for options… you’ll love it!

2. Have a drink at “La Muciara”

Wanna taste a cocktail by the sea? This is the place. This kiosk offers music, amazing view, good drinks, kindness and fun for a more-than-reasonable price (I mean it!). You can’t miss it. I definitely can’t, and I keep going and going almost every night.

campisi conserve marzamemi bottarga pomodoro pachino ciliegino tonno pesce spada alici gambero rosso
Campisi Conserve – Marzamemi (SR)
il tuo gelato 2 marzamemi
Il tuo Gelato 2 – Marzamemi (SR)
Centro Nautico Vela Sport Marzamemi - corsi per adulti e ragazzi - tutto l'anno
Centro Nautico Vela Sport – Marzamemi (SR)
visitare marzamemi mangiare bere pesce dolci cocktail migliori posti
Chiosco ‘La Muciara’, Marzamemi (SR)
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